AWAK: The Future of Wearable Kidneys Is Here

AWAK: The Future of Wearable Kidneys Is Here


Nowadays, patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) have few options to treat their condition. They can choose to go under dialysis treatment or have a kidney transplant. Joe Cosgrove knows that both solutions can be rather expensive and unpleasant, especially since they both can have an important impact on the patient’s lifestyle.

It was thanks to these unpleasant alternatives that the company AWAK Technologies has been working during the past ten years to develop a better solution to treat ESRD: an automated wearable kidney artificially built. This artificial kidney aims to provide patients with a better quality of life and independence, differing from the traditional methods used by healthcare providers.

AWAK hasn’t launched this wearable kidney, it is still in pilot production which needs to be followed by animal testing prior being used by humans. Despite this, the company keeps on moving forward and it is currently developing a wearable kidney-targeted for children. Once these products are commercialized both adults and children will have the chance to move freely and have regular lives in short.

The Company

AWAK Technologies is a company based in California which works hard to develop medical technology. Its main goal is to help individuals have a better quality of life, this is why the company develops products that give patients the chance to have a better future.

Among the patents developed by this company, we have the wearable kidney and the sorbent technology system that have revolutionized the way individuals understand kidney disease treatment. Due to the usage of the sorbent technology, lower amounts of dialysate are needed to perform dialysis and the machine is able to recycle and regenerate dialysis fluid.

AWAK is known for its hard work and impressive innovations in the medical field related to the treatment of ESRD. Its devices tend to be lighter, smaller and automated. This allows patients to have normal lives while they have a wearable device with them.

The company depends on the customers and patients input. Thanks to this, it is constantly surveying both doctors and patients to look for new ways to improve its products.

The Team

Different doctors from two health facilities are working together to develop this wearable artificial kidney. Doctors from AWAK Technologies (USA) and Tuebingen Hospital (Germany) are working hand-in-hand to host clinical trial on the device and determine its potential for both adult and pediatric use.

This way trials have been run at the University Children’s Hospital Tuebingen in Germany since 2011 and surveys have been taken by pediatric patients who were able to express their actual requirements. The result of these trials must be committed to the launching of an innovative, leading-edge product built with excellence.

All the information gathered by the developing team has been used to understand patients’ needs and acquire the actual specifications for the product, like its size, weight, the level of comfort and usability characteristics of the product. This information is the one responsible for defining the final design of the unit for both adults and children.

What Next?

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Even though the product hasn’t been commercialized, the level of commitment of both patients and the team has been remarkable. Everyone who has been involved in the process has been helpful, contributing to the creation, final development, construction and test of the wearable kidney.

It is necessary to obtain more results from trials to reduce potential flaws on the product. Also, testing a wearable kidney for adults will help doctors understand how the pediatric version of the product should operate. AWAK has stated that once they have finally developed the wearable kidney, they will work on the reduction of its size to address the needs of children with ESRD.

Before moving to a clinical trial stage, it is necessary to set a clinical data protocol that will help to optimize the distribution of the product in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Luckily, every involved party is excited to also be part of this process.

AWAK Products Today

While the wearable kidney continues to be developed, AWAK Technologies keeps on working hard to provide top-notch technology to patients with ESRD. This way the company has created a sorbent and flexible technology platforms that can be used in patients going under dialysis treatment, both peritoneal dialysis (PD) or hemodialysis (HD).

The usage of a sorbent technology systems, allows the company to offer lung and liver dialysis treatments. This dialysis system based on a sorbent platform has the following advantages:

–    The solution used during dialysis known as dialysate is highly pure.

–    The volume of fluids that can be filtered is rather high.

–    Devices are portable and easy to handle.

–    The consumption of water and electricity is reduced.

–    There is no place for the production of Aluminum Oxide.

–    There is no need for patients to use water piping.

–    Health rapidly improves during the treatments.

–    The cost for healthcare services is reduced.

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