6 drinks you need to have in your diet that will help you with kidney stones

6 drinks you need to have in your diet that will help you with kidney stones


Our body is an amazing machine.  It’s capable of doing incredibly inspiring things that sometimes are unfathomable.  However, like any machine, it must be taken care of if it is to run smoothly and if we are to maximize its potential.

 Throughout our lives, we constantly hear about different ways to go about such a task.  “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  “Drink 8 glasses of water a day.” “Exercises at least three times a day.”  “Eat a balanced diet.”  Those are some of the most common expressions we are exposed to when it comes to keeping a healthy body.  They are all valid pieces of advice and ones which definitely help.  However, if we truly want to have a completely fine-tuned body, there is a pair of organs which we arguably need to take care of more than others.  Those organs are of course the kidneys.

Every machine needs to have something to filter out all the excess waste that could be damaging to it.  In the body’s case, that function is covered by our kidneys.  Those two beans like organs help our body filter any waste that our blood accumulates while making sure our bodily fluids are balanced enough to make sure we are hydrated and producing enough urine to get rid of waste.  Joe Cosgrove posted in the past of some pretty easy ways to take care of your kidneys, and unsurprisingly the recommendations are just the kind of things that we have been told throughout our lives.  

Today, it’s time to learn about some foods and drinks that will help you defeat kidney stones or prevent them altogether.

  1. Celery

Celery is not just to cool down the spiciness from Buffalo wings anymore.  It’s one of the best foods you can eat to give your kidneys a boost.  You can also make it into juice and give your kidneys a boost.  This green veggie is perfect to get you body to produce more urine that will help you filter out more waste.

  1. Kidney beans

Beans, beans, the magical fruit.  The more you eat them, the more you’ll… not what you’re thinking.  Boiling kidney beans and drinking the water after straining will aid you in relieving some of that excruciating pain that comes with kidney stones.  How is this possible?  It turns out kidney beans are stacked with magnesium, which is one of the essential minerals when it comes to getting your kidneys to work effectively.  Magnesium is necessary to help your body avoid kidney stones from forming by helping the body absorb and extra calcium you don’t need.

  1. Basil

Bean water may not be your thing, no matter how effective it may be.  No fear, Mother Nature will always provide an alternative.  In this case, it’s basil.  Just like with the beans, you can boil some basil leaves to make some tea or you can include it into your favorite smoothie.  It also provides the same pain-relieving benefits of bean water.  However, while you only need to drink bean water once a day to obtain the desired effects, you have to take basil several times a day if you want to get the same results.

Image courtesy of Pixabay at Pexels.com
  1. Lemon juice

Many people often associate lemon juice with weighT loss diets, but did you know that it is rather helpful when it comes to helping your body prevent kidney stones from forming?  This is possible because the citrate found in lemons helps the body make sure calcium stones don’t form or that they break down in order to ensure they can get out of your system much faster and with less pain.

  1. Pomegranate juice

This may be one of the best kept and little-known fruit secrets out there.  Not only is pomegranate juice rich in antioxidants, it’s also powerful at bringing down the acidity level of your acid.  Having low acidity levels helps prevents kidney stones of all types from forming.  Additionally, pomegranate helps all-around kidney operation and it helps get rid of kidney stones and many toxins within your body.

  1. Water

You didn’t think we would forget the granddaddy of them all, did you?  Without good old H20, none of the previous remedies would be possible.  Water is and will always be the most recommended remedy to help you get rid of kidney stones and to ensure they don’t even build up.  Water is readily available, which makes it quite convenient to drink at any time during the day to get the kidneys to work and help your body produce the urine it needs to filter out any toxins and excess water.

Passing a kidney stone or stones will never be a fun thing to go through.  That’s why preventive measures must be taken on a daily basis to ensure that they don’t build up and that if they do, they are so small that you won’t even notice you are passing them.  

* Featured Image courtesy of Pixabay at Pexels.com


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